Dienstag, 4. Februar 2020

Riven Earth mit dem neuen Song "Space of Time" im ProgMill

by Shaun Geraghty

The PROG MILL returns once again this evening (Sunday) from 10pm UK (2200UTC/GMT or 2300 CET) with another two hours of simply amazing melodic and symphonic progressive rock.

Tonights review from The Progressive Aspect sees Phil Lively taking a look at Nick Beggs' solo 3 CD set "Words Fail Me", plus loads of your proggy music suggestions.
On the playlist (although not in this order) are: The Dave Foster Band, Pink Floyd, Melting Clock, Camel, InVertigo, Stuckfish, On The Raw, KariBow, Mangala Vallis, The Twenty Committee,
Riven Earth
, Tumbletown and Outstation.
Sadly the Progzilla Radio main website is still having problems so for tonight, these are how you can listen:
Via the tune in app: On your phone/tablet - go to Tune In and search for Progzilla Radio. Or on a computer go to https://tunein.com/radio/Progzilla-Radio-s242911/ (in other words - no change)

Or just click on this link which takes you straight to our live stream: http://stream1.hippynet.co.uk:8005/live
If you have an internet radio, it should still find us as most internet radios pull from Tune-In
Or.. just ask Alexa to "Play Radio Progzilla on Tune In"
The Progzilla Radio website should be back up very soon.
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